Hozoin-ryu Sojutsu Hono Enbu

Dedicatory Performance of Spear


 Kofukuji Temple, Nara


In the 12th century the struggle between clans involved the mighty temples such as Kofukuji (Nara), Enryakuji (Kyoto), Miidera (Otsu), etc. In those days it was common that temples comprised armed monks.

In the 14th century monk Kakuzenbo In-ei of the Kofukuji Temple founded of the Hozoin- ryu Sojutsu School of Spear. He was inspired to create a cross-forked-spear after seeing the reflection of the crescent moon shining on the Sarusawa Pond. The distinguishing trait of the cross-forked-spear exercise is mainly in a quick action. 

An ancient Japanese poem expresses the cross-forked-spear as follows:

It can be a spear to stick

It can be a pole sword to mow

It can be a sickle cut down

It never fails to miss the target in any case



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