Izawanomiya Otauesai




Izawanomiya Otauesai, Isobe, Shima, Mie

 As part of the rice planting festival (otaue-sai) girls aged 12-15 (saotome) plant sacred rice seedlings handed by young men (tachido). On the back boys aged 5-6 dressed as women play drums and sing traditional rice planting songs.


Before the planting, loin-clothed fishermen perform the Taketori Shinji ritual in the mud scrambling for the charm of good catch attached to a high bamboo pole. A man who successfully gets the amulet decorates it on his boat.


The Izawanomiya Shrine is an annex of the Ise Grand Shrine. Legend says that two thousand years ago Emperor Suinin ordered his daughter, Princess Yamatohime to find the most suitable permanent location to hold ceremonies for Sun Goddess Amaterasu. After twenty years of searching the princess arrived at Ise and decided to establish a magnificent sanctuary. Ever since, the Japanese and the Emperor have worshipped Amaterasu in Ise.













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