Nikko Gohanshiki

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Gohanshiki, Nikko
強飯式 日光

The Gohan Shiki (Rice Meal Ceremony) is held at the Rinnoji temple in Nikko. Visitors enter the Sanbutsu-do Hall to take part the ritual of compulsory rice eating. Cooked rice are offered on a large plate and every grain are urged to eat. The big bowl contains 5.4 litres of rice. No one actually eats the rice, but it is said that those who participate in the ceremony will have a family fortune and a healthy life. This sacred rice dedication ceremony is part of Nikko's ancient mountain Buddhism. 

It is said that harmony abounds in Nikko. Nature and Japan's two major religions, Buddhism and Shinto live side-by side. The Toshogu Shrine of the deified shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu stands near the Buddhist Rinnoji Temple, established in 766 by the priest Shodo. Even within the Rinnoji Temple itself, the three Buddha - Senjukannon, Amidanyori and Batokannon - witness the native mountain worship of Gohan Shiki.


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