Zen-Nihon Chindon Contest in Toyama


The Zen Nihon Chindon Contest in Toyama (All Japan Chindon Contest) is the one and only contest in Japan , featuring incredibly flashy costumes and cheerful echoing sounds of drums and gongs, and a burst of laughter from audience. About 30 groups, 100 Chindonmen (old-fashioned Japanese advertisement men) gather from all over Japan . Chindonmen are hired to draw customers to shops, stores, cabarets, and pachinko (pinball game).

The traditional chindonya, chindon troupe, can be traced back to an Edo Period candy seller. The bands were a common sight on the streets of Japan until the 1950s. The current interest in chindonya has benefited from the cultural need for ritual and from media attention linking chindonya to "the good old days." Yet even the waves of nostalgia have failed to create any real increase in the demand for their services. 

























































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